As other nationalities find future and solace in relocating to Canada, Americans are not exempted from those who travel to Canada for different purposes. Though Canada seems to be a neighbouring country to America, that doesn’t remove the policy attached with Canada entering.

Do you want to travel to Canada for a visit, relocation, or tourism, and wondering if a visa will be required from you as an American? In this article, will let you know the requirement to travel to Canada as an American citizen or resident.

Purpose of moving to Canada

To know if you will need a visa to enter Canada or not, the purpose you want to move in must be known. The reason is that some different programs and means have been attached to Canada entry. The purpose of being in Canada might be for visiting/ tourism, studying, visiting children or grandchildren, or working in Canada.

Each of these purposes has its requirement and process to follow before your travelling can be a success. Let’s take a look at each of the mentioned purposes to move to Canada and see if a visa will be required from an American.


To visit Canada from the U.S, all you need is your passport. You don’t need to register for a visa if you stay in Canada for 180 days or less. While staying in Canada for this purpose, you must stick with the Canadian law of carrying your identification and proof of identity to show you as an American. If you are staying for more than 180 days, you can apply to extend your stay. This must be achieved at least 30 days to the expiring time limit.

Studying in Canada

As an American or U.S passport holder, who wants to study in Canada, it is mandatory to have a visa if the course you will be entering is more than six months. You will need to request a student or education visa if you have secured a place in any Canadian schools. You can do this online.

Visiting children or grandchildren

If you’re going to Canada to pay a visit to your children or grandchildren as an American, a visa will be required from you. The type of visa being issued for this purpose is the Super Visa. This visa will allow you to stay with your children in Canada for two years maximum.

Working in Canada

To work in Canada is not visa-free. You will need to acquire a visa or work permit as an American or U.S cardholder to work. There are few exemptions to this; an American coming to Canada for a business for just six months, a news journalist, or a religious cleric does not need a work permit to be in Canada. Aside from this category, a visa or work permit is needed.


Ensure to refer to the visa office in America to know more about visa collection to travel to Canada and how to go with your application.